Monday, July 2, 2012

One Hysterically Funny Person

After my disappointing foray in to Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, I decided I needed something both light and surefire to please. I decided to watch Demetri Martin. Person., forgetting that I had already seen this particular Comedy Central special before. Nevertheless, it had been several years since the first time I watched this stand-up routine so some of the jokes felt new and fresh. And, the ones I already remembered were still just at funny!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Demetri Martin, this New Jersey native is a former writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Late Night with Conan O'Brien. The comedian also had his own show on Comedy Central called Important Things with Demetri Martin, has had small roles in numerous films including Post Grad, and wrote a hilarious book called This Is A Book. His stand-up comedy style is a mix of deadpan humor, stream-of-consciousness one-liners, and occasional skits. Oftentimes, he props up his jokes with musical accompaniment and a large pad with sketch drawings. He also has a fondness for graphs and palindromes, and clearly displays his intelligence in his choice of jokes and style of humor.

While it's a relatively short special, Demetri Martin. Person. displays most of Martin's signature comedic styles, except the use of palindromes. For an outline of the general structure of the special, visit the Wikipedia page while the quotes page on IMDb gives a sense of the types of jokes you'll hear. If you prefer humor that isn't entirely crass and/or slapstick, there's a good chance you too will find Demetri Martin. Person. hilarious.

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